April/May 2022

Welcome to the Little Comberton website where, we hope, you will find all things Little Comberton!

If you are not yet on our email circulation, where we share information about the weekly pantry, social events and urgent notices like road closures etc then please do consider joining.  Just send an email to the address at the bottom of the page asking to be added.

News Update
We are planning for the
Street Market on Saturday 28th May. This is a chance for the whole village to come together to share in the planning and implementation of a fantastic fun day.  If you would like to contibute in any way then please email the village account and we'll get back to you.  Your chance to meet new villagers and share in one of the main village social events of the year!

Airband Update

Airband are starting to lay their new fibreoptic cable backbone around the village mainly through the BT underground conduit.  They apologise for any inconvenience caused.