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January 2023  Happy New Year!

Welcome to the Little Comberton website where, we hope, you will find all things Little Comberton!

If you are not yet on our email circulation, where we share information about the weekly pantry, social events and urgent notices like road closures etc then please do consider joining.  Just send an email to the address at the bottom of the page asking to be added.

In this unsetteled period if you are struggling to keep warm or cope at home don't suffer alone.  Talk to friends and neighbours or a parish councillor as we all have to work together in this demanding time.

Airband Update

Airband have started the roll out in the village but bookings are taking several months.  I have set up a page for residents to share issues etc so please feel free to share anything you feel others should know:  Airband Roll Out Issues

Villagers will notice that there are road works and closures as Airband add telegraph poles, clear gullies etc. as they take their backbone through to Great Comberton and to outlying houses.

For villagers who now want to consider signing up for FTTP you can visit the Airband website to sign up.  Remember you have a 30 day trial period to ensure you are happy with their new service before being committed to an 18 month contract.

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