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The village archive contains a mass of documents which have been collected over the years.  If you are doing research on the village you are most welcome to use them, just email the village account and someone will contact you to arrange access.



File 1 - The Village through time 

  1. Census data

  2. Historical research including Enclosure Act 1803

  3. List of material held by Worcester Record Office

  4. The Village Hall 

    1. The Old School

    2. 2006 refurbishment project

  5. The Memorial Garden 

    1. The War Memorial

    2. The Millennium Plaque

    3. Phone Box/ Book Exchange (photos in LCR folder)

  6. The Old Allotments (Orchard Drive)

  7. The Old Little Comberton Water Supply – Separate box file

  8. The Parish Council – Separate box file containing:

    1. The Parish Council Accounts Book 1934-55, showing donations made to the village

    2. Disputed Footpath in Pool Close documents

    3. Original of Enclosure Act

    4. Village Hall refurbishment plans

    5. The Parish Plan 2006 – PDF available online?

    6. Village Design Statement – PDF available online?


File 2 – St Peter’s Church  

  1. The Church building and it’s history

    1. A Short Study of St Peter’s Church, by Dave Parker

    2. Notes for guide to St Peter’s Church, by Harold Hemsley Hall

    3. Background notes

  2. Church clock, bells and silverware

  3. Births, deaths and marriage registers

    1. Marriages at Little Comberton 1540-1812, from Phillimore’s Parish Registers (downloaded, in LCR folder) 

    2. Notes about burial registers

    3. Baptism roll 1957-1959

  4. Gravestones and memorials  - List of the monuments in the church and churchyard – handwritten by Harold Hemsley Hall (digital version downloaded, in LCR folder)

  5. Church events

  6. Church newsletters

  7. PCC records

  8. Vicars of Little Comberton

    1. The Rectory

    2. List of rectors of Little Comberton

    3. Rev William Parker, the Pitcher families and Nunnery Farm (Worcester)

    4. The Lowndes and Watsons


File 3 - Village Life  

  1. Village Life ​

    1. Poems, articles and miscellany about the village etc

    2. Village families – research on the Abells, Clemens, Davies and Barrows 

  2. Village events

    1. Coronation and Jubilees

    2. Millennium Celebrations (and Marking a New Millennium booklet - downloaded, in LCR folder) 

    3. Sports and Social Committee

    4. Street Market

    5. The Village Portraits Project 2010/11 - photos of almost all village residents in May/June 2010. Mounted photos from the exhibition are in the village filing cabinet, digital photos are available for residents but not to use online.

    6. The WI – In separate black ringbinder

    7. Flooding 

  3. Maps and field names

  4. Areas around the Village (photographs, newspaper cuttings etc)

    1. Manor Lane

    2. Wick Road

    3. Elmley Road/Pershore Road

    4. Pool Close

    5. Orchard Drive 


File 4 - Bredon Hill and Neighbouring villages


With grateful thanks to the following who collected the materials:

  • David Parker – 1 Wick Road, Little Comberton (born and lived in the village most of his life)

  • Harold Hemsley-Hall – lived at 8 Orchard Drive, Little Comberton for a number of years

  • Roger Leake – resident of Orchard Drive for many years


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