The Village Pantry

Since the first lockdown announced in March 2020 one family supported the village by sourcing groceries which were in short supply and allowed villagers to shop safely outdoors.

Lucy and Andrew Rollett and their daughter Lily are continuing to run The Pantry throughout the current health crisis from the entrance porch and car park of the Village Hall.


Open from 9.00 a.m. till 12.00 pm the pantry stocks a range of dry groceries and has expanded to bread orders, vegetables, home made cakes, flowers and other sundry items. Local businesses also take the chance to display  local produce and artefacts.

The mobile coffee bar offers a takeaway service of a range of coffees and in dry weather a chance to sit out while socially distanced.

The Pantry Window

Coming soon. 

Locally made items that will be on sale in the Pantry.