Village Routine

Bin Collection

Collection of bins generally takes place very early on a Tuesday morning (starting 7.00 a.m.) so it's best to get bins out Monday Evening.  Black and Green bins are collected alternate weeks.  Check the village calendar for collection dates.

Post Boxes

The village has 3 post boxes and between them they offer weekday morning and afternoon collections.


There is a portable defibrillator in the porch of the village hall.  The PIN to unlock the holder is displayed on the case. 


Courses on how to use it have been organised for villagers but if you missed them or would like a refresher then click here for a short instruction video 


Bus services


There is a limited bus service passing through the village at least once a day for each service. Bus tickets can be purchased from the bus driver.

Hints from an experienced bus user

Generally speaking the buses will stop almost anywhere as long as you make it known that you wish to board. The more usual stops though are Pool close, Brookfield,  Orchard Drive, the Cross Roads, the lay by in Pershore Road and the opposite side of the road.    It is all quite complicated to start with as on Monday, Wednesday and Friday the buses only go along the road from Elmley Castle past the village hall and on to Great Comberton etc. and in reverse the other way. The other three days it comes down through the village along Wick Road. The exception are the school buses which always come through the village.

This simplified timetable is probably best for the beginner (click here)

Coming home from Pershore

The bus which runs from Evesham to Pershore is the 564 and the bus from Pershore to Evesham is the 565. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday you need to catch the bus from Pershore to Evesham in Broad Street by the pet shop. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday you need to catch the bus from Pershore to Evesham, in Broad Street by the ladies underwear shop. 

For those who like puzzle solving the company timetables are far more comprehensive (and complicated to read).

Bus 575 Pershore- Bredon-Cheltenham                 Timetable and Faretable          

Bus 565 Pershore - Elmley- Evesham                    Timetable and Faretable          

The Lengthsman

The Parish Council employs a lengthsman whose time and costs are shared with other local villages.  He undertakes ground clearance and maintenance of communal areas within the village. He attends the village on alternate Wednesday mornings and can be seen in his flourescent jacket, clearing leaves, drains, cutting back overhanging branches etc.  If you have anything that you feel needs his attention, in the first instance, please contact the parish clerk at