How Can We Help?

Little Comberton Parish Council and Coronavirus

If you live in Little Comberton and are need of support or assistance during the Coronavirus outbreak please contact Lynne Yapp, Parish Clerk, on 01386 552233 mobile 07971 362445 or email


We have set up a volunteer scheme in Little Comberton to support villagers who are self-isolating, using our Little Comberton email group of over 110 individuals. More than 30 people have stepped forward to offer their assistance out of a population of about 300, many of whom are elderly.  Each of our 7 parish councilors has been allocated a patch of the village with 4-5 volunteers. The councilors are the main contact point for individuals who are in need of help with shopping, post, etc. and phone call support.


WhatsApp groups have been set up to ensure that the volunteers are quickly made aware of any requests for help.


# How Can We Help Fliers offering support and assistance have been delivered to each home, with a list of local suppliers doing home deliveries on the reverse. This includes our local community pub, the Queen Elizabeth at Elmley Castle, offering takeaway food and drink and fresh food box collections deliveries. This list has been updated as new initiatives have been developed, including a village family who have set up a Saturday morning Village Pantry.


Our Sports and Social Committee is also offering phone call support to vulnerable people in the village. 


We are very happy to cooperate with any other initiatives that are being set up, using the parish council as a central coordinating point for our volunteer network. Please contact the Parish Clerk, Lynne Yapp on 01386 552233 mobile 07971 362445 or email for more information about the # How Can We Help Little Comberton volunteer scheme.