Wychavon January Covid-19 Update

Cases have risen rapidly across our district since the end of the second Lockdown at the start of December. Worryingly, the impact of Christmas mixing is still to filter through into the figures.


The expectation is we will continue to see cases rise for the next 7 to 10 days. This will lead to further hospitalisations and inevitably deaths. This will add to the already significant pressure our NHS locally, and nationally, is under.


We cannot stress enough how serious the situation is and we ask you all to continue to play your part in encouraging our residents to stay at home and follow the rules and thank you for your efforts so far.


Infection rates are now reported daily on the Worcestershire County Council website and they are also broken down by local area. We will use this data to target communications in areas where we see cases remaining higher than elsewhere in the district.

Coronavirus dashboard


Dr Kathryn Cobain, Director of Public Health for Worcestershire, has issued a message to the public encouraging them to play their part, which you can share on your own channels - Message from Dr Kathryn Cobain


Our Council Leader Cllr Bradley Thomas has also released a message which you can view here and are again encouraged to share and a video message has been prepared and will be released shortly on social media.


We are ramping up our communications on social media and signs are being printed to put around our parks and public spaces urging people to stay apart and limit the time they spend outdoors. 

Attached is a Covid-19 advice leaflet which we have produced and intend to distribute as soon as possible to as many households as we can. You are welcome to put this on any local websites or social media groups.


If you have contacts for local shops/stores that would be willing to take some of these leaflets then please email with the details and the suggested quantity.


Also, if you or your parish/town councillors are able and willing to deliver some of these door to door in your area, then please let Ian Dipple in the communications team know how many copies you will need and we will make arrangements.


Please point people towards for support and advice.


People in need of help
As always, if people need help accessing food or other essentials then please ask them to contact They will then direct them to support locally.

Impact on services
We are keeping our public toilets and playgrounds open in-line with government guidance. We intend to maintain key services, as we have done throughout this pandemic, and have plans in place to redeploy staff to support that ambition if needed.

Parking in all of our car parks is now free until further notice. On-street parking restrictions and time limits in waiting bays remain in place and will be enforced.

We are, for the time being, no longer offering face to face pre-booked appointments in our reception but remain available by email or phone.

Libraries are offering limited services and Household Recycling Centres remain open.


Use of village and community halls
The guidance on the use of village and community halls has been updated. While most must close there are a small number of activities, they can still be used for in a Covid-19 Secure way, this includes hosting blood donation sessions, as polling stations etc.

If you do not directly operate your town or vil

lage hall, then please pass this on to the relevant people.


Lateral flow testing – can you help?
Worcestershire public health is urgently looking for places to undertake rapid result Lateral Flow Testing of asymptomatic people. 

In order for them to be able to do this they need your help.  Please could you let them know if you have any indoor space available such as a community centre, village hall or sports hall, that could be used to support their extended testing programme.  In order to enable their testing teams to use the indoor space you have it needs to:


  • Have toilets

  • Be accessible to wheelchair users

  • Have heating

  • Have parking or be near facilities where parking is available

  • Be available for use until the end of March 2021


If you think you have a space that might be suitable please let their logistics team know on :

They can then discuss it with you and decide if the property is suitable. There would be no obligation to use it if you or your organisation did not want to once you know more details.

Please pass this on to any contacts you may have locally that could help.


Vaccination info
The Covid-19 vaccine has begun to be given to people in this area in accordance with the nationally set priority list.

If you find people are asking you about when they may receive the vaccine, the message is that the NHS will contact people in priority groups when it is their turn to receive the vaccine and they should not contact their GP practice, or local hospital, directly asking for an appointment.


Below is a table setting out the order of prioritisation and a statement explaining how this has been reached.

Statement on prioritisation of Covid-19 vaccine.


Covid-19 vaccine scam
The police have made us aware of a scam relating to the vaccine.

People due to receive the vaccine have received a text messages, claiming to be from the NHS, telling them they need to complete a form for their first vaccine and providing a link to a very official looking site. They are then asked to fill in an official looking online form looks and after completing it, they are then asked for their bank details.

This is a scam, and a despicable one at that. In other versions of the scam people are being cold called and being asked to pay a charge for the vaccine.

You do not need to provide your bank details to receive the vaccine and there is no charge. The NHS will not ask you to send a text or push a button on a keypad to confirm you want the vaccine.

A tribute to Little Comberton under Covid 19

For more than a year now the community that is Little Comberton has shown the true spirit of care and support that marks it out as a special place to live. We would like to acknowledge and thank all villagers for their consideration and support for each other and would like to publicly thank, acknowledge and record all those who have given of their time and care to villagers.


The large number of volunteers who stepped up in the early months of lockdown to form teams working with a parish councillor to offer a lifeline to every home in the village. Andy & Sue Dermont, John & Sue Ravenscroft, Mike Cawson, Brian Barber, Nigel & Pauline Jamieson, Sandra Roberts, Alison and Kevin White, Richard Barmforth, Sue Britten, Susanne Hiscock, Carole Marshall,  Sally Pritchard, Carol & Paul Rabbette, Leane Seal, Pollyanne Andrews, Becky Cartwright, Laura Haycock, Karen Danesi, Pat Wilson, Carice Green, Steph Thoday, Mark Kibble, Sue Sharman, Sue Buck, James Fielding, Paul Morris, Mandy & Dave Lane, Sandra Hayles, Andy Rollett, Andrew & Elle Huntingdon, Debs & Cliff Preston.  All offered their time to run errands, collect shopping, prescriptions etc. or Penny Spiller & Graham Knight who were at the end of the phone calling those living alone.


Lucy, Andrew and Lilly Rollet for setting up the Saturday Pantry when, in initial months, food stocks were in short supply, and for then developing the Pantry into a regular place for villagers to shop and meet for coffee. Jemima Green for her weekly delicious cake bakes and treats. For the anonymous small gifts given to some of those living alone.

To Penny Spiller & Edith Powell for managing the church access making it available for private worship and the services including Christmas carols and the dedication of the new organ, all carefully managed following strict covid protocols. To Paul & Sheila Morris who continued to manage all the village hall responsibilities.


To the many villagers who donated material so Pauline Jamieson, Lynne Biggs, Sue Sharman, Pat Wilson, Penny Spiller, Angie Budden could make facemasks and washing bags for the NHS in their hour of need. Pauline for her continued work in making 50 sets of surgical scrubs for Worcester Hospital and Lynne for her continued range of face masks.

To Lynne Yapp who, as Parish Council Clerk, served much longer hours, responded to more queries than ever and managed to continue supporting the parish councillors at a more than usually busy time. To Carol Rabbette, Laura Haycock, Paul Morris, Mark Kibble, Sue Britton, Nigel Jamieson, Andrew Dermont, the Parish Councillors, who met more frequently during early lockdown to coordinate a whole village approach and then continued to meet regularly by Zoom to ensure village matters continued to be managed. Nigel Jamieson for developing the village website to include the e-noticeboard and the new village email account which helped keep villagers informed.

With the cancellation of the annual street market there were still those who continued to support the fundraising. Pat Perry who sold plants at the pantry, Tony Davy for some amazing canna lilies and Claire & Phil Greensted who donated drink stocks to be sold before their expiration date.


To all the villagers who stood each week on Wednesdays to Clap for Carers and everyone who made a special effort to celebrate VE day with house decorations and tea parties to raise spirits and provide a moment of fun in dark times. To Dave Parker for his support in running the village noticeboard and Stuart Wilson for refurbishing the noticeboard.  Brian Barber for organising socially distanced carol singing.

To everyone, for the tiny things that helped neighbours and friends get through tough times together so that we emerge as a stronger and even more caring community.



If you know of anyone who contributed or helped in any way please let us know so we can add their contribution as we’d like this page to eventually stand in our archives as a record to all the acts of kindness and care that took place in our village during Covid 2020/21.