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Memories of Nash's Farm Holidays

My name is Maureen Powell Davies, living in Shrewsbury.  I have been looking with my mother, Brenda Young (b 1931, aged 90, living in Horsham Sussex) through her many family photos, about which she remembers a great deal.   I had a look at the Little Comberton village website and spotted this email address.


Brenda and her older sister Mabel with their parents Stanley and Amy Young lived in Whitley Bay, and spent a few summer holidays pre-WW2 at Nash's Farm, Little Comberton, with the Pitcher family, whom she called Uncle Ernest and Auntie Lillie. 


I have scanned photos from their holidays in Little Comberton in 1938 and 1939 in these links, for anyone who might be interested.  I don’t have any way of contacting the current owners, but please do pass on the photos and my details to them, if they’d like them.

Brenda and her sister did revisit the farm much later as adults, but she couldn’t recall when, and she thought it was National Trust.  But I’m not sure that’s correct.


Brenda also remembered a young man and a girl around their age, who she thought had been the Pitcher son and daughter.  She was also quite sure that the Pitchers were related in some distant way to her father’s family, the Youngs.  Her photos show Owen and Rene Matthews (nee Young) at the farm, too.  However, I have searched and searched Ancestry – both our extensive family tree and a number of family trees containing Ernest Pitcher – and I just can’t find the link. It must have been a distant link through marriage somewhere, maybe.  I’ll keep looking.   I also don’t see any children of the Pitchers in any tree, unless they are private.

1938 (Click on a photo to view in slide show mode)


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