Our Chance to Upgrade Little Comberton's Broadband

Now awaiting a final survey and quote.

January Update

We have now closed registration for the Gigabit Broadband scheme with over 90 residences in the village having requested to be included.  If you have missed the deadline pleasse email the village email account and we will hold your details in the hope that your home can be added at a later stage.


We now expect Openreach to carry out an onsite survey over the following months to produce a final quote and contract.  It looks probable that Openreach will combine us with Elmley Castle, Bricklehampton and Great Comberton.  We are working with Worcester Gigabit team to try to make sure all costs can be met.  We  will work with Openreach on your behalf to claim the vouchers and will probably ask for a small working group to look at the plans and contract once we have received them.


With the number of applications being processed across the country we can expect at least a year before any installation works take place so there is no need to worry at this time about renewing your ISP provision.


The installation is likely to use our current infrastructure.  Most of the fibre optic cables should follow the old phone lines and are fixed to the same poles.  Within the home they bring the cable into the house terminating in a wall mounted box.  The new terminal will need to be positioned so it can be plugged in for power.  Your modem (if it is less than 5 years old) can be plugged into the new box rather than the BT socket.  Our old phone phone lines remain so phones etc remain unchanged.  An example (a bit techy) can be watched here:


The only commitment any of us will have to make will be to sign up to an ISP for a 1 year package of at least 30MB.  There are a range of providers and more are being added all the time as this rollout continues.  Nearer the time I hope to work with a few of you to identify the best deals and hope to bring in quotes which offer best value similar to current costs.  Current ISPs offering FTTP packages: